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July 13, 2017

At Unipath Solutions, we proffer veteran Umbraco CMS Solution using the technology advantage of this high-end open source framework. As a specialist Umbraco CMS development company, we provide customized services for Umbraco Development. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable CMS developers with expertise to comprehend bespoke needs of our customers from different industries. We provide Content Management Services by comprehending your project thoroughly and offer right solution using this powerful CMS framework.

All about Umbraco – The Most Powerful, Fully-Featured Open Source CMS Framework

  • Umbraco is a powerful open source .NET based CMS framework, which is highly secured, most flexible, adaptable and provides several advantages of an enterprise level CMS.
  • It is an effective platform to manage all your digital data and publish on an intranet or a web very easily and efficiently.
  • It is an ideal platform for developing a fully-functional content management system for all types of enterprises from small to large size.
  • It is highly flexible to run a small website to complex applications.
  • This CMS framework comprises many rich features that have allured several Fortune 500 companies and many world’s leading media sites to adopt Umbraco CMS.

Why Umbraco CMS?

There are several rich features of Umbraco that attracts developers and users to choose this framework for their project needs.

Highly Flexible – Flexibility is the key feature of this system as it is specifically designed to make it highly flexible for developers. Its flexible structure enables to make any modification at any level of development very easily.

Easy to Use – The other popular feature of Umbraco is it is very easy to use and implement. It can easily used by any person even having no technical background to work on it. Its organized structure enables to manage the data easily. It also makes easy to update and managing the system efficiently.

Integration with Microsoft Word – Having integration with popular tool like Microsoft WordTM, it allows you to modify your web pages or content from Microsoft Word directly. It also allows to work off-line, even without a need of a browser.

Powerful Security Model – It is a very powerful CMS with an advanced security features that make possible to build highly secure systems.

Permission based access levels – It allows giving different access rights to different CMS admins. With easy setting, you can set CMS access levels easily and efficiently and protect your site from unauthorized access.

Multilingual Support – When you are looking for your website to work using multiple languages, this is the best platform to choose. It supports around 15 pre-defined languages with a local user interface and enables you to easily setup multilingual sites for your site using only single CMS.

SEO Friendly – When you are looking for a search engine friendly open source CMS framework, Umbraco offers several features to make your website SEO friendly.

There are several more features of Umbraco CMS such as user-friendly, no licensing cost, and complete control on design, useful media library, and seamless integration, a number of ready-to-use, add-ons, packages and extensions as well as support from active and wide community.

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